The mission of Aviation Consulting Group (ACG) is commitment to the highest quality of financial services to the widest group of clients. We have the credentials and experience necessary to provide solutions to all your aviation problems and concerns. Our role as a consultancy group is to offer you the best knowledge of the industry and best strategies for success.

It is imperative for airlines to stay apace with the latest tools and techniques for optimizing total system productivity. Our role as a consultancy group is to offer you the best knowledge of the industry.

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Our team works across the air transport industry from airlines and airports to aircraft manufacturers to help you improve your business operation by implementing the best business practices.

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Aviation Consulting Group (ACG) is a privately held consulting company with headquarters in Ormond Beach, Florida. For more than 15 years, ACG has helped its clients improve their financial positions across to develop their strategies and manage operating activities. We help airlines and airports of different sizes and ownership structure navigate through a constantly changing economic environment and competitive challenges. Aviation Consulting Group abets clients create competitive advantages through strategic financial management. We offer many services to aid the industry with any challenges dealing with profitability, cost restructuring, traffic growth projection, revenue management, and financial and operational benchmarking.

Dr. Bijan Vasigh Has Authored Multiple Books In The Aviation Industry

The video below gives a preview of what to expect in the Engineering and Economics for Aviation and Aerospace
book which is co-authored by Dr. Bijan Vasigh and Javad Gorjidooz.

Engineering and Economics for Aviation and Aerospace

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of companies. Some of our clients are listed below.